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Thursday, 6-Dec-2012 06:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dancing in zentai suits.

My name is Hebby, I’m learning dancing in an art university. Dancing is a tough major, but I love it, because I love the feeling of wearing rhythm suit to dance in front of the mirror. I have a roomie, Sebrina, she is new. One day, I went back to dorm very late, I heard some strang voice outside the door, but I can’t open it. Later Sebrina opened the door, I was scared! She seemed to be naked. Come here, she said to me. Can you see the clothes covers my body? At this time, I watched her carefully, she wore a full body transparent costume, sticking to her body tightly. I don’t know what to say, she said, it is lycra spandex zentai suit. It can modify the shape.

I’m looking at her body doubtly. She said, I will pick up one for you. She took a purple spandex material suit. I felt so nevious, my face was turning red. I’m not sure how to wear it. Sebrina helped me put it on. When she zipped up from the back and I was totally wrapped, I feel so comfortable, such smooth. I never had this feeling before. I watched myself in the mirror, my body was turning purple, it just like a skin, by face, hands, feet… She ask me if I like. I’m very enjoy the Intimate feeling of wrapped, more tight than the traditional rhythm suit.
This is the beginning.
Sebrina told me she didn’t want to tell me her hobby, but one of her friends from the internet encourge her to find the fellow. So She was bold to show me and teach me much knowledge about zentai suit. We cost hundreds of dollars to purchase a few pieces of zentai suits from the online zentai store. Share with each other.
Now if there’s any chance, we will wear full body zentai suits, sometimes also wear them to dance in front of the mirror, look like two exquisite elf zentai doll.

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Tuesday, 4-Dec-2012 06:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fall in love with zentai suits

Living in old air, we have some suffocation.
In the modern city, under the brightly lights, do we still maintain a restless heart?
It is said that Cosplay will be a patent of Otaku, while I’m only interested in Jimmy Liao. However, it is a occasional chance, I see full body zentai suit, I love it at the first sight. It has been a long time that I want to wrap myself up. Tightly, there’s a sense of security.
Living in urban old air, I’m looking for fresh air!

Now, I have 27 pieces of zentai suits, I bought almost all the styles I like. Chatting with the fellows in zentai is the happiest moment for me.
My parents saw my pictures in full body zentai suits a few months ago. Because I’m studying in Dance Academy, they believe that they are my dancing costumes. Just like that, we can play zentai suits openly at home now…

Looking forward to find someone like to exchange pictures together. Well, that’s it!

Friday, 30-Nov-2012 02:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Enjoy the sunshine in zentai.

In the afternoon, naughty elf is jumping in the sun. The girl wearing full body zentai suit, feeling the subtle touch of sunshine streaming throught the body, the air is warm. If I wear it out, will I scare others? The girl has some hesitation. Ah, well, only once. Girl gets up the courage, putting up the zentai suit deftly. Her legs have already put inside, just like wearing pantyhose as usual, pulling up gently. Even though this is not the frist time to wear the spandex zentai suit, she is still very excited. In the sunny garden, quietly out of a bright body, tight and smooth, a little shy and timid girl. It is so nice to walk in the grass. The girl love zentai, love the leisurely feeling in the afternoon, love the sunshine puring touch, love the air is full of grass aroma.The feeling of skin being covered is so wonderful!

obviously, she is fascinated!

Thursday, 29-Nov-2012 01:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The pleasure of wearing zentai suit

I love to wear zentai suit from my childhood. At that age, I secretly saved money, bought myself a gym suit and wear it inside. Finally I was discovered by Mom, she didn’t blame me, and allow me to wear it in daytime. Thanks for her tolerant and understanding, she created my pefect figure. Later on, I bought my real meaning zentai suits from online zentai store, it is full body. That day, when I got my parcel, I was really excited, can’t wait to take it out and put it on. It is made of lycra spandex, yellow , has the burnish like real silk, good elasticity.

When I put the back two-way back zipper rope all together, my body was shaking, from the head to toe, I was wrapped inside my zentai tightly. So comfortable. Still remember that was a Summer, really hot! My zentai even got wet. Actually, I intentionally didn’t open air conditioner, Sweat can make it more close to my skin, I like this feeling! Every cell in my body were telling me, they never so exicted. My hands touched my smooth skin, the waves of pleasure spread throughout my body…

Wednesday, 28-Nov-2012 00:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zentai is a part of our life

There’s something that when we try it, you will know you can’t stop loving it, for some people, it is zentai suit. We may curious that how do you discover it because zentai is not acceptable by most of people and even never heard of it. There may have hundreds of way to discover zentai suit according to different enthusiast.

Jordon is one of my best friends, he likes lycra spandex zentai suit very much, even crazy for it. He discovered zentai from a young age, it starrted when he first took on swimming lessons. His attention was caught by speedos, they are made of lycra spandex. He loved the smooth feeling. Then he sometimes wore them as a underwear regularly. As the time pass by, he was interested in the Spider-man, and his dreamt to be a spiderman, so he went online and find more information about the costumes. Occasionally like this, the websites sell spiderman costumes also sell zentai. He was so excited to discover them, and learned a lot from google. When he was 16, he secretly bought one cheap zentai suits from a zentai store. Wehen he firstly tried it on, he real feel it both from the physically and mentally, that’s awesome! It makes him feel like he is not himself. With the time pass by, he growed up, also the collection is growing. He loves exploring different materials and designs.
At first, I can’t understand him. He is so crazy about the Zentai Suit that out of my imagination. I think he was a little unnormal and will recover soon. And I even quarrel with him. He was absolutely lost in the world of his zentai suits. When he talks about it, his eyes seem shining. But now I could understand him, in this pressure society, we should find a way out, to release ourselves. Zentai is interesting, you are easy to addicted to them if you really try it . By his influence, I feel superhero costumes are amazing! Sometimes, I wear them with Jordon, the feeling is pretty good. Zentai suits are becoming a part of our life.

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